Elderly & Disabled Services

Elderly & Disabled Services

Welcome to TCQE Maintenance & Renovations Elderly & Disabled Services Page – Your Source for Accessible Living Solutions! We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of the elderly and disabled through thoughtful home modifications. Scroll down to discover innovative products and services we provide designed to promote independence and improve overall well-being.

Featured Products / Services:

1. Accessible Entrances:
Ramps or wheelchair lifts for entry points.
Widening of doorways to accommodate wheelchairs.
Lever-style door handles for easy operation.

2. Bathroom Modifications:
Roll-in showers or walk-in tubs with grab bars for stability.
Raised toilet seats or wall-mounted toilets.
Non-slip flooring to prevent accidents.
Lever-handled faucets for easier use.

3. Kitchen Adaptations:
Lowered countertops for wheelchair access.
Pull-out shelves for easy reach.
Accessible appliances with front controls.
Open under-sink areas for wheelchair users.

4. Bedroom Adjustments:
Adjustable bed heights for easier transfers.
Overhead lifts or transfer aids.
Bedside controls for lights and other devices.
Ample space around the bed for maneuverability.

5. Living Room and Common Areas:
Wide and unobstructed pathways.
Supportive furniture with proper height for easy seating and standing.
Accessible switches and outlets at convenient locations.
Adequate lighting for visibility.

6. Technology Integration:
Smart home systems for voice-activated controls.
Home automation for lights, thermostats, and security.
Adaptive computer equipment and software.
Emergency alert systems for immediate assistance.

7. Flooring Considerations:
Smooth and slip-resistant flooring.
Elimination of thresholds or ramps between rooms.
Consideration of carpeting or rugs for traction.

8. Safety Measures:
Smoke detectors with visual or vibrating alerts.
Handrails along hallways and staircases.
Adequate lighting in all areas, including outdoor spaces.
Non-glare surfaces to reduce visual strain.

9. Outdoor Accessibility:
Ramps for outdoor areas like porches and decks.
Pathways with smooth surfaces.
Accessible gardening areas.
Landscaping services including pergolas and decks.

10. Personalized Healthcare Spaces:
Accessible home healthcare equipment.
Spaces for medical treatments or therapies.
Easy access to medications and medical supplies.

11. Emergency Preparedness:
Emergency evacuation plans tailored to individual needs.
Accessible emergency exits and routes.
Communication plans for emergencies.

Our Mission:

At TCQE Maintenance & Renovations our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and seniors to lead fulfilling and independent lives. We are driven by a passion for creating accessible living spaces that foster dignity, safety, and comfort.